Solicitor Agreement Investment Advisers

As an investment adviser, it is important to have a solid understanding of solicitor agreements and the role they can play in your business. A solicitor agreement is a contractual arrangement between a solicitor and an investment adviser, which outlines the responsibilities and obligations of each party.

In the context of investment advising, solicitor agreements are commonly used to facilitate referrals of clients between solicitors and investment advisers. Typically, a solicitor will refer a client to the investment adviser, and in return, the investment adviser will pay the solicitor a referral fee for each referred client who becomes an investment advisory client.

While solicitor agreements can be a valuable tool for building your client base, it is important to approach them with caution. To ensure that your solicitor agreement is in compliance with all relevant regulations, you should work closely with your legal counsel to draft a mutually agreeable agreement that meets the requirements of the SEC and any state securities regulators.

One of the key components of a solicitor agreement is the definition of compensation and the roles and responsibilities of each party. Compensation should be clearly defined and transparent, and should be based on a reasonable percentage of the fees collected from the referred clients.

In addition to compensation, your solicitor agreement should also outline the responsibilities of each party. This includes clarifying the role of the solicitor in the referral process, as well as the role of the investment adviser in providing investment advice and managing the referred clients` portfolios.

Ultimately, a well-drafted solicitor agreement can be a valuable tool for building your business and expanding your client base. However, it is important to approach these agreements with caution, and to work closely with legal counsel to ensure that your agreement is in compliance with all relevant regulations.